Cleaning Aktiv Gym Floor

Cleaning Your Aktiv Gym Floor

It is important to maintain a clean and debris free gym floor.  This prevents tripping and slipping hazards.  It also promotes the longevity of the floor. Regupol has an easy four step guide for cleaning Aktiv gym floor that is sure to keep your floors looking new.

Step 1.

Start by removing all loose debris with a vacuum, dust mop, or by sweeping with a broom.  This loose debris is what causes the tripping and slipping hazards to the athletes who train on the floor.  It is very important to keep the floor clear for the health of the floor and those who use it.

Step 2.

Next scrub the floor using a buffer or auto scrubber fitted with a soft nylon brush or purple scrub pad.  You may also use a traditional string mop or newer style microfiber mop head to scrub the floors.  Regupol recommends using Taski Profi as a detergent for cleaning and maintenance but any neutral pH(7-9) is acceptable.  Make sure to dilute the solution at a ratio of 10 oz. per a gallon of water.  DO NOT flood the floor with water.

Step 3.

The third step is to use a wet vacuum to pick up the cleaning solution from the floor and rinse with clean water.  The floor maintenance professional should not flood the floor.  A wet vacuum should be applied to the floor after the rinse cycle to pick up the loose water.

Step 4.

Allow the floor to dry and then it is ready for foot traffic.

Cleaning Aktiv gym floor systems should become part of a maintenance routine for fitness center staff.  A consistent schedule of cleaning can keep your Aktiv gym floor in great shape so that it may continue to take abuse from the athletes that use it.  For more information on the Aktiv product line, visit our Aktiv weightroom flooring page, or contact us at 717-560-8050 or email