Omnisports Indoor Sports Flooring Maintenance

5 Tips for Omnisports Indoor Sports Flooring Maintenance

Tarkett has made their Omnisports Indoor Sports Flooring maintenance simple and easy.  Being proactive about your sports floor maintenance is the best way to keep your floors looking good.  Remember to address problems as they arise. Remind your floor maintenance professionals to follow manufacture  instructions for cleaning.

Tip 1. The Auto Scrubber

An Auto-Scrubber should be used for an effective and efficient large area cleaning routine.  Use a neutral cleaner in the scrubber because this prevents stripping of the floor.  Rinse thoroughly to avoid heavy residue buildup. Maintenance professionals should use higher PH cleaners periodically for heavily soiled areas.  White pads should be used for routine cleaning and then red pads for periodic deep cleaning.

Tip 2. Mop and Sweep Routine

Maintenance professionals for your facility should dry mop or sweep the floors regularly since this removes dust and dirt.  Furthermore, maintenance professionals should use yarn, micro-fiber, or soft bristle brooms.  They should avoid using treated dust mops.

Tip 3. Entrance Mats

Tarkett states that about 80% of surface soiling that requires cleaning is from outdoor entrances.  Facilities can avoid 90% of soiling due to this by placing an entrance mat at the doors.  Because of the mat most debris and liquid soiling will be stopped and absorbed as a result.

Tip 4. Spot Cleaning Stains Immediately

Spot cleaning stains immediately after they occur rather than waiting for routine maintenance will expand the life of the floor.  Maintenance professionals should not use solvents for spot cleaning due to their harsh cleaning agents.

Tip 5.  The Wet Mop

Instruct Maintenance professionals to use a diluted neutral cleaner on remove soil and other contaminants.  They should then rinse the floors thoroughly to avoid heavy build up of residues.  Finally make sure the surface is dry before you allow foot traffic to walk over it again.

In conclusion, it is important to maintain your Omnisports indoor sports flooring with proper care routines and periodic deep cleaning.  Be sure that maintenance professionals are up to date with manufacture care instructions.  For more information on Omnisports lines offered by Abacus, visit here, email us, or call 717-560-8050.