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Vinyl Sports Flooring
Vinyl Basketball Sports Flooring
Vinyl Gym Flooring

Tarkett Omnisports Vinyl Sports Flooring:

Great athletes are the result of talent and determination.  Great gyms are the result of Omnisports. Exceptional performance, indoor air quality, and distinctive colors make Omnisports 6.5 mm and 8.3 mm the best multi-use sports floors available. GreenLay™ can take benefits even further, with faster installations, higher moisture tolerance, and easier recycling.

Omnisport Vinyl Benefits

Omnisport 8.3mm Vinyl Benefits

Benefits of Omnisport:

1. Performance Protection –

Omnisports’ TopClean xp™ surface treatment provides easy maintenance with no stripping; protection against scratches, sole marks, and rubber stains; and optimal surface friction for safety.

2. Wear Resistance –

Omnisports contains a pigmented wear layer made from pure PVC, which carries an industry-leading 15-year wear warranty in addition to Omnisports’ comprehensive 10-year product coverage.

3. Dimensional Stability –

A compact PVC layer with embedded non-woven fiberglass gives Omnisports superior dimensional stability.

4. Structural Reinforcement –

With the layer above, this vinyl layer forms the strain-splitting core that contributes to Omnisports’ indentation recovery an dimensional stability.

5. Shock Absorbing Acoustic Foam –

This foam layer has a dense cellular structure, providing unrivaled acoustic performance, ideal shock absorption, and natural ball bounce levels.

6. Perfect Adhesion –

The backing of Omnisports is an engineered honeycomb texture for perfect adhesion to the sub floor.

Omnisport: Health and the Environment

Omnisports Enviornmental

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Tarkett Omnisports Vinyl Sports Flooring.

Vinyl Sports Flooring Multiple Applications:

  • Dance Rooms
  • Group Fitness Rooms
  • Aerobic Rooms
  • Fitness Centers
  • Store Fronts
  • Basketball Courts
  • Childcare Centers
  • Gymnasiums
  • Multipurpose Facilities


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Tarkett Omnisports Vinyl Sport Flooring
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