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3 Tips for Track Maintenance

The summer is here and Abacus is in full swing with track installs. Many schools, universities, and private organizations look for tracks to give their patrons quality surface to exercise on.  We install Regupol Tracks which have an engineered durable design. These 3 tips for track maintenance will help ensure the longevity of your tracks.

Keep It Clear –

One of the easiest ways to keep your track looking its best is to remove all the debris from the surface.  A simple sweeping routine can keep your track looking nice.  Removal of debris and stone will ensure slip resistant properties of the track stay intact.  This will be safer for the athletes and patrons that use the track.   A maintenance professional should inspect the track routinely for any debris and address any major issues that exist when doing his inspection.

Scrub It Down –

Washing the surface of the track helps prevent contaminates such as grime, algae, moss, and sand from building up.  Sand from long jump event areas can cause the surface to look unkempt and create a slippery surface.  Using a simple gardening hose, just lightly spray over the surface and push the contaminants to the edge.  This should be done routinely and after large events where the track experiences a high level of track.

Be Proactive –

Most of all it is important to be proactive when it comes to track maintenance.  If you see a small issue do not allow it to become a big issue. Abacus Sports Installations offers track resurfacing as an alternative to putting in a whole new track.  This will allow you to save on the cost of a new track while still being able to utilize a new surface.  Maintenance professionals should work out a routine for track care as part of their normal grounds care duties.

In conclusion, your track is meant to stand up to the traffic, the weather, and anything else the world decides to throw at it.  Respect the track and what it brings to your athletic program and it will respect the strides you make on it.