The Multi Purpose Indoor Sports Flooring You Didn’t Know About

While you scour the Internet searching for your gym’s new floor, you may have found that it can be hard to find the right fit. Most gymnasiums host multiple events, and yours is no exception. You want a floor that doesn’t just handle sports. It needs to hold up while taking on foot traffic from events like dances, graduations, or assemblies. Here’s your solution, the multi purpose indoor sports flooring that you didn’t know about:

Tarkett Omnisports

Omnisports is already known in the athletics world as one of the fastest growing synthetic flooring options. What many people don’t realize (yet), is that it’s beginning to find its place in the multipurpose field as well. For years, athletes have been enjoying the benefits of Omnisports while playing on a synthetic floor without losing the performance of the traditional wood floors. Schools, community centers, and churches also find the appeal of Omnisports with its realistic wood grain finishes and cost savings compared to traditional options.

Each layer from Omnisports’ vinyl surface, right up to its foam backing, is carefully engineered for superior ball rebound and shock absorption. This gives cushion to falls and also reduces fatigue and wear on joints.

What makes it a great multi purpose indoor sports floor?

Omnisports requires no waxing, buffing, or striping of the surface because of its polyurethane coating on top. Cleaning is the only maintenance necessary which can be performed with an auto-scrubber or as simply as a mop and bucket.

With a variety of color options in both solid and wood grain finishes, you are able to mix and match your design by changing up the boarders or keys. Add uniqueness and individuality to your floor with hand painted game lines, logos, and your team’s name.

Very few gymnasiums are used solely for sports. Your floor needs to go from basketball/volleyball court one day to a graduation or wedding reception space the next. Omnisports comes in different thicknesses, from 3.5mm to 12mm. It also handles high point loads (or HPL) by using its rubber backing. Because of this, it’s an ideal surface for telescoping bleachers and daily use of tables and chairs.

For all these reasons and more, you should consider Tarkett Omnisports for your gym floor. To learn more about Omnisports, and its value as multi purpose indoor sports flooring, click here.