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Vinyl sports flooring is quickly becoming one of the most popular options in the U.S., and Omnisports is among its best brands. Its shock-absorbing qualities, ability to handle many sports, and its ability to replicate the look of a wood grain floor make it a great option for your gymnasium.

Omnisports Options

Tarkett’s Omnisports is ideal for gymnasium activities of all kinds. From basketball to volleyball, badminton to dance, and everything in between, Omnisports is the best of the best when it comes to vinyl sports floors.

It’s durable and can stand up to tables, chairs, and bleachers being moved on and off the floor. Sports vinyl flooring is used by many schools, universities, and community centers as a multipurpose floor because of this. Its ability to mimic the look of a traditional hardwood floor is a selling point for many. It has good looks to go with its functionality.

Are you looking for a sports floor that looks beautiful without sacrificing performance? Omnisports could be for you. Abacus Sports has certified Omnisports installers on staff. We’re ready to give you a gymnasium floor you’re proud of.


Tarkett Sports’ most popular multi-use gym flooring. It offers Class 2 shock absorption according to the ASTM F2772 standard.


Tarkett Sports’ top of the line multi-use gym flooring. It offers class 3 shock absorption according to the ASTM F2772 standard.


Solid multi-use gym flooring. It offers class 2 shock absorption and passes all the criteria for ball rebound, surface finish effect, and vertical deformation


Multi-use gym flooring option with Class 1 shock absorption that meets all the criteria for ball rebound, surface finish effect, and vertical deformation.


A vinyl sports floor containing a non-woven fiberglass layer and PVC foam backing.


Resilient sports flooring that has the strength of vulcanized rubber with the look of a maple hardwood court.

Sports Vinyl Flooring Gallery

Omnisports Color Options

Vinyl Wood Grain Designs
Vinyl Colors
Standard Game Line Colors
Custom Game Line Colors

*The colors shown here are a representation and may not perfectly match when on floor.

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