Have it Your Way – Weight Room Customization

Performance weight rooms today are where science, technology, and old school hard work mesh to create a training environment where athletes reach peak genetic potential.  Strength and conditioning coaches strive to build each weight room to maximize efficiency, safety, and performance that often requires custom flooring and strength equipment. Here’s how Abacus can help you with your weight room customization:

Our AtkivPro Roll series, by Regupol, offers many distinct advantages over the competition.  Regupol performance flooring comes standard at full one-inch thickness but options include anywhere from 3/8” – 1 ¼” to meet specific needs and budgets.

So what goes into a custom weight room floor? Here’s what: inlaid platforms with water jet cut custom logos, school/facility color options, and indoor turf with inlaid agility dots and ladders included.

Weight Room Customization: Color Options

Need more customization?  You got it – Regupol has a unique app called Chromalab where you can select your own colors and see what works best for your facility.

Using your school’s colors builds school spirit and pride by incorporating your brand into the design of the floor.  Prospective student-athlete recruits take notice of a branded training facility. The “wow” factor will be the competitive advantage in recruiting: especially because the athlete will decide whether they will spend their next four years with you or not.

What About Performance?

AktivPro Roll is a two-part system which means that the flooring is comprised of two layers. We call the top layer the “wear layer” because it protects the floor from the daily wear-and-tear of exercise. The bottom is the “underlayment” because it “lays under” the visible floor surface. The underlayment is what provides a floor with its shock absorption.

It’s also a dual-durometer system, which means that the wear layer and underlayment are two different densities. This gives the floor unique characteristics when it comes to safety and performance.  The wear layer density is a resilient surface that provides excellent footing and friction whether wet or dry.

Regupol is the only manufacturer offers different underlayment densities:  Plyometric, Fitness and Impact.  Each of these has its own density and function.

  • Plyometric = Low density rubber underlayment for high shock absorption. It reduces impact the on the athlete’s joints, tendons and soft tissue during high velocity movements.
  • Fitness = Medium density rubber underlayment designed for most fitness applications that require some force reduction as well as energy restitution.
  • Impact = High density rubber underlayment that offers ideal shock absorption, but has the energy restitution designed for Olympic lifting.  This rubber provides a firm surface to perform ground-based movements while reducing force and protecting the athlete from injury.  Interestingly, the Impact underlayment – reduces bar bounce and sound from weights dropped from height!

These options allow a coach to customize the weight room for functionality and performance.  Imagine a weight room that offers two or even three different training areas with unique performance qualities!  No other weight room flooring material offers that much flexibility in design.

Let’s sum it up:

We customize your floor to fit your:

  • Training Budget
  • Facility
  • Weight Training Equipment
  • Your Unique Methodology

By choosing Regupol, the coach and athlete are provided with a combination of durability, style, function and performance that are unmatched by the competition today.  Give us a call at Abacus Sports Installations (717-560-8050) to begin designing your performance training surface today!