Cleaning a Gym Floor: It’s a Big Deal

We’re living in unprecedented times. The novel coronavirus has affected nearly all aspects of our life, from what we can do to where we can go. Many of us, including me, are stuck at home until at least April 30th. This could be the first April since 1883 that no games from any of the four major professional leagues in the U.S. will be played.

That is 138 years ago.

There is a silver lining, however. When we come out of this, and we will, we must take away lessons from our time in quarantine. We must learn to live cleaner, healthier, and smarter. In our industry, we feel a huge lesson to be learned during this time is the importance of cleaning a gym floor. We’ve been cleaning gym floors for almost 30 years, and we want to share our expertise with you.

Routine Gym Floor Cleaning

Every gym floor needs to be cleaned daily. After hours of play in gym class, varsity/JV sports, dances, and more, dirt, dust, and germs gather on the floor. Regular cleaning makes sure that this build-up is removed consistently for the health of students and teachers. A properly-treated dust mop is a great option for daily cleaning. Sweeping dirt and debris off the floor not only is good for the health and safety of the people who use it, but will also extend the life of your floor.

Our Padenpor floors are able to be cleaned routinely with a wet mop and a water/detergent mix. This is an extremely easy way to keep bacteria and grime off your floor. It’s also a great idea to use entrance mats at doors that lead outside.

Vacuuming, sweeping, and other typical cleaning methods work on most gym floors as well. There will be different cleaning guidelines and parameters for each type of athletic floor, so be mindful about your cleaning method so that you don’t damage your floor.

Involved Cleaning

More intense cleaning methods are needed periodically. Using a neutral cleaner mixed with water in an auto-scrubber every so often deep-cleans the floor and extends its lifespan. Using a stronger cleaner or a brush that’s too rough will damage the floor. Make sure you have the right materials before auto-scrubbing, or have a professional come in and auto-scrub the floor. Spot stains must be cleaned immediately as well. You extend the life of the floor, as well as keep it more sanitary, by cleaning immediately rather than waiting for routine maintenance times.

Specific Floor Guidelines

For more information on cleaning specific flooring types, check out some of our other blogs:

If you want your floor to be professionally cleaned (Egis Maintenance) by us, give us a call at 717-560-8050 or email We’re still able to go into schools and refurbish floors during this quarantine period while students are away.