The 5 Best NBA Court Designs

Top 5 Best Court Designs In the NBA

In honor of the NBA season tipping off last week, why not take a look at the 5 best designed courts in the NBA? With high art court designs becoming more popular today, we take a look into some of the coolest court designs the NBA has to offer. It is known that all 30 teams in the NBA have had different basketball court designs throughout the years, but we are basing this list off of current designs.  The rankings listed below are based on journalist opinions across the NBA.

5. Chicago Bulls

When looking at a franchise such as the Chicago Bulls, the snorting bullhead logo is iconic to the team’s history. The baseline shows a different font not usually seen in other NBA court designs. It resembles a bubble type which resembles that of a comic book headline. Chicago is one of the only teams to incorporate 4 logos scattered across the court, 2 on each side. It was rumored that coaches would use these bullheads for players to know where to go in the triangle offense.

4. Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets’ court is fairly new to the NBA world.  Having only been formed in 2012, this court has a simple but sweet design aspect to it’s visual appearance. The black and white color scheme stands out in a sports world where bright colors flourish with popularity among fans. The center court basketball logo gives a simple aspect to the surface, even though it’s just a basketball with words tied around the edges. The Net’s dark flooring gives an appealing contrast between the dark colored sidelines and white center logo.

3. Charlotte Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets haven’t been a team since 2002 (formally the Charlotte Bobcats) but they have earned their way into the top 5 because of their eloquent display of colors and shapes. To start off, the wood pattern resembles a hexagonal honeycomb which goes along perfect with the hornet in the middle of the court that looks like it could sting anything that comes near it. The teal color scheme also goes well along the border of the court, which gives this surface a very vibrant, upbeat look.

2. Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are one of the most iconic franchises in the NBA and have showcased some of the best talent to ever step foot on a basketball court. So it would be best to assume they would have one of the coolest designed court layouts in the entire league, a court that features the same shade of green you see on St. Patrick’s Day. This shade of green is the only shade of its kind to be used in American professional sports. The wood layout itself looks as if it showcases a maze of rectangular shapes, which is a unique factor to put this court higher on this list.

1. Los Angeles Lakers

The number one spot is awarded to the Los Angeles Lakers due to their iconic color scheme of purple and yellow. Not only is this color scheme arguably the most recognized in the sports world, but their logo designs help put this court at the top of our list. The center logo features an eloquent Los Angeles Lakers type overlaying a golden basketball. One could argue this resembles the Larry O’Brien championship trophy, which the Lakers have won a lot of according to the sixteen stars surrounding the logo. These stars represent the number of NBA championships they have won as a franchise. The golden border and baselines show off a sense of royalty, which is given when your franchise has that many titles.

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