The 5 Benefits of Wood Flooring


5 Benefits of Wood Flooring

Looking for a new basketball court surface? You may be wondering what kind of benefits wood flooring will provide your new recreation center or school gymnasium. Listed below are some advantages in choosing wood as a primary surface for your athletes to perform at their highest level.

  1. Shock Absorption

    • Unlike concrete or asphalt, wood flooring provides shock absorption which is crucial when an athlete impacts a surface. Shock absorption is what helps reduce injury for athletes by diverting enough force to the floor vs. the athlete’s joints and ligaments.
  2. Ball Bounce

    • Ball bounce is the measurement of the response after reflecting a basketball on a wood flooring system compared to concrete. Since the wooden floor is equal to concrete in the amount of rebound measured, this gives wooden floor a 100% bounce rating in comparison to concrete.
  3. Easy Maintenance

    • Wood flooring is easy to maintain and requires little upkeep once installed. It is required that all wooden floors be dust mopped on a daily basis to remove debris from the surface and to ensure nothing clings to the surface.
  4. Customization

    • Since wood flooring can be resurfaced, this enables the owner to get creative and change the layout of the floor paint whenever the floor is due for refinishing (usually every 10-15 years). This looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye and provides an opportunity to have a like-new floor every 10 or 15 years.
  5. Uniformity

    • Wooden surfaces deliver a uniform level playing surface for athletes. Non-uniform flooring has been known to force athletes’s muscles to constantly adapt to sudden changes in playing surfaces, which increases energy consumption and fatigue.

Consider these benefits when making a decision on your next big wood flooring project. Robbins Maple Flooring Systems has the perfect solution for any new basketball court big or small, just call Abacus Sports Installations at (717)-560-8050 for any questions you may have on taking the next step towards your new floor![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]