What church floor is best for you?

Churches are a beacon of positive influence in the communities they serve. They are a place for congregations to come together to worship, have fun, and ultimately create a healthy and positive environment for the community. A church is not just a building people go to every Sunday to listen to a sermon and worship, it is so much more. Often times churches hold many events such as concerts, sporting events, and dinners. A high quality church floor is an essential part of being able to successfully host these types of events.

So where are these events held?

With a properly designed facility, your church can be the keystone for congregation and community events. The first step to creating a facility that can hold up to the many demands of these different types of events is choosing the right type of flooring for an ideal multipurpose facility, but what makes a good floor for a multipurpose facility? Continue reading to learn about what you should be looking for in a church floor.

What makes a good multipurpose church floor?

When asking the question “what makes a good floor for your church?”, there are 4 main factors to consider.

  1. Durability

    Church floors require a lot of them. From heavy foot traffic to the occasional coffee spills, church floors need to hold up to many demands. The last thing you want is to have a floor that gets ruined by overuse or food and drink spills. Additionally, a multipurpose floor needs to be able to handle the demands of tables, chairs, and sporting events. Installing a resilient and durable floor from the get go, can potentially save you a lot of time and money down the road.

  2. Safety

    For children and elderly members of the church, safety is a key essential when choosing a floor for your congregational needs. Many churches utilize the existing concrete as their flooring in order to save money. This option can potentially be a very dangerous one. If an elderly person slips and falls, there is a very high likelihood of that incidence causing major harm to that individual. A resilient floor with a bit of cushion could make all the difference for the safety of a congregation.

  3. Low Maintenance

    The individual who handles the janitorial work for the church will understand the importance of a low maintenance floor more than anyone. A church floor may be used on a daily basis. It is inevitable that dirt will get tracked in from shoes and dust will naturally build up. Having a seamless, non-porous surface allows for a clean floor all around with minimal work. However, all floors are bound to wear out at some point. With Abacus’s poured rubber flooring, you have the ability to resurface the floor instead of paying a fortune to fully replace the entire floor.

  4. Customization

    While the demands of church flooring/multipurpose flooring do have their similarities, each church requires different needs based on the intended use. Here at Abacus, we can customize each Pad and Pour installation specific to the required level of resilience, elasticity, durability and rolling loads. Your floor will be able to handle tables, chairs, basket ball games, etc. For sporting events, you may need lines painted on your floor. We offer full customized installation, including any desired lines or logos painted on the floor.