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Gym Flooring System

The Multipurpose Performance Athletic Court pad and pour system in which we specialize is PADENPOR flooring.

PADENPOR,  (pad and pour is a sandwich system) is comprised of a recycled rubber base-mat (or pad) with polyurethane top coatings poured over it. These coatings render a perfectly seamless system. This pad and pour product has been developed over the last 30 years and has proven itself around the world.

Synthetic Seamless Polyurethane Pad and Pour System

PADENPOR Gym Flooring is a seamless synthetic sandwich system with resilience for your athletes. Resilient surfaces help your athletes perform aerobic exercises with fewer injuries. Abacus has the courts to help your athletes stay injury-free. The potential for stress and injury to bones, joints, ligaments and tendons is reduced.

Athletic Floor Durability

Abacus’s goal is to continue to support athletes by giving them surfaces to train on that promote well-being and strength while reducing the chance of injury. Peak performance demands that athletes train on the best surfaces. We continue to develop our surfaces as athletes continue to evolve.

Pad and Pour Multipurpose Surfaces

Different types of PADENPOR Gym Flooring Systems surfaces offer more flexibility in use. Because the pad and pour flooring system is completely customizable, we can create the right floor for your performance needs.

We have installed multipurpose flooring (gym flooring) in many different facilities across North America, indoors and out. We have also developed an expertise in the application of the lines and detailed logos.

Performance Athletic Court

PADENPOR delivers exceptional durability and superior wear resistance for indoor applications. Unlike fully poured-in-place or single ply surfaces, this system guarantees uniformity in thickness and density, giving the athlete a dimensionally-stable platform for safe and consistent performance. The base-mat (pad) durometer can be custom-engineered during manufacturing to meet the site’s specific performance requirements. Its resurfacable wear surface provides optimum frictional properties required for typical indoor gym sports and field house activities.

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Padenpor color sport floor

PADENPOR — Gym Flooring Systems

Padenpor Logo

Applications available for our rubber pad and pour sport flooring products:

  • Athletic Facilities
  • Field Houses
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Cafetorium
  • Gymnasiums
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Indoor/Outdoor Running Tracks
  • Mezzanines
  • And More…

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Dual Durometer is a measurement of 2 separate systems of independent densities working in harmony to create one floor. One layer is a soft-yet-pliable rubber pad and the other a poured urethane.

4mm + 2mm (1/4")

  • An economical dual durometer multi-purpose sports floor, designed for use in schools, churches and community centers.

7mm + 2mm (3/8")

Dual durometer sports floor, offering added force reduction/resilience for use in schools, churches, community/rec centers and clubs.

9mm + 2mm (1/2")

Dual durometer sports floor, designed for higher-level performance usage, in schools, colleges, churches, community/rec centers and clubs.

14mm + 3mm (5/8") DIN Floor

The ultimate dual durometer multipurpose floor, offering over 50% force reduction and area elasticity. This floor is used in schools, colleges, churches, community/rec centers, clubs and aerobic applications.


The Padenpor XTR uses urethane with extreme elongation and tensile properties, which offers enhanced performance values.


Padenpor SLT is a “floating” system that can be applied over substrates with environmental issues (such as asbestos or mercury), or over “green” substrates.

Padenpor color sport floor


Padenpor SPK is a spike-proof system designed specifically for competition running tracks – both indoor and outdoor.


Padenpor SKT is an engineered system with additional urethane layers to sustain in-line skating. This hard but resilient surface delivers high speed to skaters, and unparalleled puck control and comfort to skaters with its seamless design.


Padenpor TXT is a textured system designed for application where enhanced traction is required, such as running tracks and areas with high levels of moisture or humidity.


Padenpor is designed to meet criteria under the LEED rating system.  Customized game lines and logos are also available.

Some of Our Padenpor Gym Flooring Systems Samples

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