Virginia Rec Centers Leading the Way in Innovation

Oak Marr Rec Center

The Oak Marr RECenter in Oakton, VA. recently added an 11,670 square foot expansion and also renovated their existing facility as well.  This enormous rec center offers a wide range of activities and uses to its members. After an extensive remodel and renovation, the new facility is bigger and better than ever. It has even been recognized in the 28th Annual Architectural Showcase edition of Athletic Business magazine. Take a look at their YouTube video.

The goal of this renovation was to increase the utility and capabilities of this already popular facility, while at the same time creating an inviting and welcoming new atmosphere with its innovative design. This rec center accomplished these goals in numerous ways, from the ergonomic layout to its high quality North West Rubber Reaction floor. The curvilinear design of this two-level fitness addition perfectly complements the existing rec center facility. Everyone knows that functionality is key when designing a fitness facility, but Oak Marr wanted its rec center to be aesthetically pleasing as well. They were able to accomplish these goals through many features, one of which being the large transparent walls to make the rec center feel more open. Oak Marr was able to contribute to this welcoming look, while adding functionality, by having Abacus Sports install a North West Rubber Reaction floor. This product combines aesthetics seamlessly with functionality to offer its users an attractive but safe floor to exercise on.

The rec center addition is divided into two levels, with the top level focusing on cardio machines, while the bottom level is set up for the rec center’s free weights. To accommodate the heavy lifting being done on the lower level, a 10mm Reaction rubber floor was installed on the first floor. This 10mm thickness offers extra support for dropped weights, as opposed to the normal 6mm thickness that was installed in the upper level of the facility. The thicker 10mm floor can withstand the blows of repeatedly dropped weights, but isn’t necessary in the upper level where cardio machines will be set up.

This rec center renovation and addition was a LEED certified project, which means the project left a minimal carbon footprint. Using recycled rubber on projects allows Abacus Sports Installations to help contribute to this certification. The addition to the rec center required pouring fresh concrete; which wasn’t entirely dry when Abacus went to install the rubber floors. To account for this, a sealer coat was applied to the concrete before the installation. This sealer coat allows our installers to lay down the rubber floor before the concrete is fully set. Without this coat, the project would be delayed for weeks as the slow drying concrete was ready to be installed on.

This new and improved rec center in Oak Marr is a beautiful facility that the town of Oakton Virginia can be proud to call theirs. With a lot of hard work at every stage of construction, this rec center has become not only an attractive and welcoming facility, but a high functioning and state of the art facility as well.