Corporate Profile – Abacus

Abacus Sports Installations, Ltd.

836 Flory Mill Rd.

Lancaster, PA17601

In just 25 years, Abacus Sports Installations, Ltd. has grown from a small subcontracting business into a nationally respected manufacturer, distributor and contractor of resilient athletic flooring with a large warehouse and showroom.

Spencer and Susan Proud began Abacus Sports Installations in 1991. As resilient athletic flooring experts, Abacus’ main focus is on seamless flooring for gymnasium and multipurpose floors. Abacus installs seamless flooring systems inside and outside, and the size of jobs ranges anywhere from 1,500 square feet to 100,000 square feet.  The expertise of flooring has allwed Abacus to develop new products for the market.  The equine and Zoo flooring has developed to a new quality level.

The company began as a flooring installation company but has evolved to become a major player in the sports flooring industry, carrying a wide variety of products. In fact, Abacus is no stranger to big or challenging jobs, having completed the training track for the Olympics in Atlanta, Ga. as well as Usain Bolt’s training track in Jamaica.  

The best products for the job

Abacus continues to grow and has expanded its product line to include playgrounds, rooftop floor surfaces, pool areas, patios, exercise rooms and equine surfaces. “All our products have a percentage (up to 100 percent) of green products, which could contribute up to 6 points towards Leed & Green certification,” says Susan Proud.

Seamless Flooring

Abacus also develops its own flooring systems. Abacus’s most popular product is a floor trademarked PADENPOR™. Padenpor™ is the highest-caliber synthetic sports floor systems on the market. Padenpor is composed of a recycled rubber base mat with polyurethane top coatings. The coatings provide for a perfectly seamless system. The flooring offers exceptional durability and superior wear resistance for indoor applications. Unlike poured-in-place or single-ply surfaces, Padenpor guarantees uniform thickness and density, giving the users a stable surface for safe and consistent results.

At the Tallmadge Recreation Center, Abacus worked with the architects and the Mayor of Tallmadge to specify the Padenpor Multipurpose Flooring and ensure the center got exactly what it needed from the flooring system. “This project was also on a very tight schedule, and the concrete was poured in place late in the schedule,” says Proud. “Due to the fact that the moisture levels in the concrete were too high, we were unable to supply a different adhesive. The city decided that the topical vapor barrier was too expensive, so we offered them our Padenpor SLT 9mm + 2 mm Multipurpose Flooring System.” The product is akin to a “floating floor” system that integrates a fiberglass mesh as an extra layer to create dimensional stability and allows the floor to be loose laid over “green concrete.”

Focusing on clients’ needs

In addition to its superb product line, Abacus is very focused on its client. The company spends a great deal of time and energy on each client and each project. “[We] do this to ensure complete satisfaction with the final product; to find out what customers truly need as well as what they truly want,” says Proud. “Abacus offers a turnkey approach to customers for the flooring part of the contract. We take care of most everything that arises and keep the customer’s concerns at our foremost thoughts so that they continue to be happy with our company and our products.”

Abacus serves as the installation subcontractor as well as the manufacturer and the dealer. “Abacus continues to do their own installations in order to stay current on new and advancing products and methods,” she says. “This gives the customer the best products. At Abacus, we try to make the building process as easy as possible for general contractors, limiting or eliminating callbacks to encourage quick closure on the job.”

Specializing in problem solving and quality products and craftsmanship, Abacus has helped make the flooring systems industry what it is. “Our products are the best in the industry,” says Proud. “We offer top-quality products at competitive prices. We have experience with many of our competitor’s products and we know their fine points as well as our own.”

Twenty-five years ago, at the beginning of Abacus’ business, seamless flooring multipurpose systems were just being developed, enhanced and fine-tuned. “Today, the industry is proud to offer excellent choices to consumers,” says Proud. “With a European influence and an advanced knowledge in the multipurpose resilient flooring industry, Abacus has been able to take different chemical companies and evaluate each product for its performance aspects.”

Providing clients with everything they need, from selecting the right flooring to manufacturing the best products, Abacus is a client-focused, quality-driven company from start to finish.

—    Corporate Profile