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The Simple Maintenance Information To Keep Your Floor Looking Like New For Years…

Daily Maintenance Dust Mopping: This should be done at least once or twice a day when the floor is in use to remove dirt that gets tracked onto the floor can grind away at the finish.

  • When dust mopping never use a freshly treated dust mop. This can leave the floor streaked, unattractive, and possibly slippery (here’s how to clean a slippery gym floor). Treat your mop with Hillyard Super Hil-Tone the night before it is to be used, hang it up, and use it the following day.

Weekly Maintenance Damp Mopping: This should be done on a weekly basis in order to keep your floor looking like new and extend the life of the finish.

  • After placing wet floor signs, mix Hillyard Clean Scrub at a rate of one ounce per gallon of water in a mop bucket for damp mopping.
  • Using a clean rayon mop, damp mop entire floor and allow to dry.
  • If an automatic scrubber is available, take advantage of this labor saver. Mix Hillyard Clean Scrub at one ounce per gallon of water in the solution tank. (Use red pads under the auto scrubber to scrub entire floor).

Floor Restorative The Hillyard Salvation Stripper should be done once or twice a year (depending upon usage of your floor) – This is a very aggressive cleaner, it is used to strip seal coats. Use to clean very dirty floors and remove black shoe marks off floor. Continued Care

  • Protect floor against punctures by using furniture rests. Prevent heavy, sharp objects from being dropped or being pressed into surface.

KEEP YOUR FLOORING INVESTMENT LOOKING LIKE NEW Properly maintaining your new PADENPOR floor will keep it in good condition, continue outstanding performance and will extend its’ life. We have recommended other products in the past. Often, our customers were just not satisfied with how the products cleaned the floor. It did not remove the dirt, leaving the floor looking dingy. In an effort to better serve our customers post-installation, we have tested various products. We were specifically impressed with the performance of the Hillyard products. They have proven to be very effective on new and old floors:

  • Keep Your New Floor Beautiful: Maintaining your floor properly from Day one will give you a floor that will make you proud for years to come.
  • Give Your Existing Synthetic Floor A Boost: You will be amazed by the new look of your floor, as fresh & clean as the day it was installed.
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