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MFMA PUR and Other Performance Standards

The Sports Surfacing Industry relies on a number of global performance standards for quantifying sports floor performance. Standards include those of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), German Institute for Standardization (DIN), European Standard (EN), and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). While the EN standard has become the accepted norm for synthetic sports flooring systems, the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association saw the need to introduce the Performance and Uniformity Rating (PUR) Standard to better address the evaluation of area elastic (wooden) sports floors. The PUR Standard for basketball floors was the first of multiple planned, activity-based standards to be introduced.

The MFMA PUR Standard requires independent 3rd party certification and incorporates stringent standards for uniformity of performance to ensure consistent play and ball response over the entire floor area.

MFMA PUR compliance is PASS/FAIL – a floor system either meets the entire standard or it is not compliant with the standard. Only floor systems meeting the MFMA PUR Standard can be labeled as “PUR Compliant” and are allowed to be promoted using the MFMA PUR Logo. The MFMA maintains records of all system configurations that meet the PUR standards. Prospective purchasers can contact the MFMA for verification. A MFMA “PUR Compliant” system should not be confused with the unregulated and commonly used term “compliant”, which is often associated with other standards.

Why specify PUR compliant products?

The MFMA PUR Standard promotes a regulated, level playing field for the sports surface industry. No other standard regulates claims of compliance. With PUR, there is no grey area – a floor system is either PUR Compliant or not. Owners can rest easy knowing that they can directly compare mulitple 3rd party certified systems to the same performance standard and receive a reliable, well-performing competitive surface.


Performance and Uniformity Criteria for basketball floors

  • Shock Absorption 50% minimum average +/- 5%
  • Area of Deflection 20% maximum at all test points = 20%
  • Basketball Rebound 93% minimum average +/- 3%
  • Vertical Deflection 2.3mm minimum average +/- 0.5mm
  • Surface Friction 0.6 minimum +/- 0.1

Robbins Sports Surfaces offers many MFMA PUR Compliant floor systems including all versions of EclipseTM and EclipseTM SB, MVP and Bio-Channel® Star. For more information on Robbins’ MFMA PUR compliant systems, contact Robbins at (800) 543-1913, or look for the PUR Compliance logo throughout our website.

To verify a manufacturer or contractor’s claim of PUR compliance, contact the MFMA at: (847) 480-9138. Or, for more information visit:

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