A New Year’s resolution: No More VCT in the Gym

January has always been a time to consider our habits and resolve to make changes in the future. Some habits are harder to break than others, especially if they have been around for a while. For decades, VCT (vinyl composite tile) has found its way into gyms across the country, but it isn’t a safe surface for athletics. For that reason, here is a new year’s resolution all sports construction professionals can agree on: no more VCT floors in the gym.

Imagine you’re trying to keep the project under budget and your commercial flooring rep says, “Why don’t you use our VCT for the basketball court? It will save you money.” Now for the sake of aspiring athletes everywhere, it’s time to exercise your willpower.

VCT is good for other spaces, but it is not for the gym. It lacks the sports properties defined in ASTM F2772. The VCT deficiency that literally “hurts the most” is lack of shock absorption. Athletes need a cushioned surface to avoid stress injuries like shin splints. A real sports floor keeps athletes healthier by protecting lower extremities from an unforgiving floor.

Of course, there are other reasons to avoid VCT in the gym. If you are interested in learning more, contact Abacus to schedule an AIA continuing education course. Let’s give athletes the flooring they deserve in 2022!