Resurfacing a Gym Floor for a Fresh Start

We can’t deny that the last 18 months have been challenging. But after the difficulties of a global pandemic and economic uncertainty, we should all agree that a fresh start would be nice—an overdue reset back to the optimism that helps communities heal and move forward. Towanda Recreation Center in East Baltimore got just that in the form of a resurfaced gym floor and a renovated facility.

In late 2021, Abacus Sports Installations assisted in the renovations by resurfacing the Towanda Recreation Center gymnasium with our Padenpor polyurethane flooring. One of the unique benefits of a resilient polyurethane gym floor is the capacity to be refurbished over and over again through resurfacing. As long as the base layer and subfloor are in good condition, a resurface might be all that is needed. 

The best way to prolong the life of a floor is regular cleaning and maintenance, but even floors that are well maintained eventually wear out. With Padenpor, that same floor can be resurfaced to look brand new. That capability is not a feature of all flooring types. Vinyl and rubber floors have their unique strengths, but resurfacing is not always an option. Padenpor, on the other hand, makes it possible.

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At the ribbon cutting of the newly renovated Towanda Recreation Center, Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott toured the facility, ending the day with a few 3-point jump shots on the new court. The city’s investment was a well-deserved boost for the East Baltimore community. The historic center, which was founded in 1969 by physician and humanitarian Dr. Ralph Jonathan Young, now has the means to continue its mission of community service. Abacus Sports was proud to be a part of this transformative renovation and to lend our sports flooring expertise to get the job done right. If your gym floor needs a fresh start through resurfacing, contact Abacus Sports.