Be Ready for More Than Just Sunday Mornings

Churches that thrive utilize the full potential of indoor spaces. If you stop to think about it, all churches require a large gathering space, but only a few extend its use beyond a weekly congregational worship service. On the other hand, there are churches that are the center of community activity: scout meetings, potluck dinners, recreational basketball leagues, and more.

Clearly, a church that utilizes its space for more that Sunday mornings is making better use of its investment. Decisions about facilities, particularly around which flooring to use, can preclude some churches from becoming the bustling center of community activity that leaders envision. But with a little planning and help from Abacus Sports Installations, your church can be prepared for anything.

Here at, you can read about two churches, Pleasant View Baptist and Mariner’s Bethel UMC, that decided to use resilient polyurethane floors for fellowship halls and recreational spaces. These floors have allowed each church to host a variety of events, especially sports, without concerns about flooring performance. The result has been a useful space for the congregation and the surrounding community—something that would not be possible without the right floor.