Weight Room Floors and Winning Football

The annual Winning Football Playbook is a special publication that readers of Coach & Athletic Director magazine look forward to reading each year. The 2022 digital edition features a video from Martin Streight, a veteran strength coach for several NCAA and NFL teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens, and Penn State Nittany Lions. After a long career training elite athletes which began in 1993, Martin now assists other strength coaches with weight room flooring design. He is a key member of the Abacus Sports Installations team with a wealth of knowledge in athletic training surfaces.

In the featured video, Martin explains how inlaid crash platforms, when incorporated into a well designed space, can improve the quality and flexibility of weight room floors. Some of the advantages include enhanced lifting and walking safety, ease of maintenance and cleaning, and the ability to creatively design a floor. In addition to the practical benefits, good weight room floors with inlaid platforms can be used as a recruiting tool. 

Abacus has been installing weight room floors for decades. In fact, we were also involved in the conception and invention of inlaid platforms for weight room floors. Let us share our expertise, experience, and world-class flooring on your next weight room project.