Give Students the Space to Learn

What does it mean to give a student “space to learn?” In one sense, it means allowing time to think about a new concept or practice a skill. To process new material and retain it, a student needs to ponder what they have learned, which takes time.

Space to learn can also be quite literal. To study effectively, a student needs a physical location, like a study room that minimizes distractions. However, no academic subject is more dependent on a physical space than physical education.

For students to develop athletic skills and confidence in their physical abilities, they need a safe and uniform flooring surface. That sort of space is only possible with flooring designed specifically for sports and tested according to the ASTM F2772 standard.

So many times, budget concerns and other reasons lead a school to use VCT or carpet in the gym, but doing so is a disservice to young athletes. These surfaces lack the shock absorption and proper surface friction that allow students to test their physical limits without the unnecessary risk of injury.

Specifying ASTM F2772 tested sports flooring is a way you can support education without ever setting foot in the classroom or gym. Proper sports flooring is an investment in the next generation and it is an opportunity for facility designers to have a lasting impact on their communities. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of sports flooring for physical education, contact Abacus Sports Installations for details on popular school gym surfaces like Padenpor and Omnisports.