Leave Everything on the Court

Imagine the fourth quarter of a tied basketball game. The players are exhausted, but nonetheless the outcome will be decided in these final minutes. That’s when good players dig deep. They push through the fatigue and focus on the individual actions that will help their team win. If they don’t, they might go to the locker room with regrets that last a lifetime.

When it comes to our environment and public health, the decisions we make today will affect our future tremendously. If we choose inaction over focused effort, our grandchildren will wonder why we didn’t do more. As a designer of sports facilities, here are some key ways you can make a difference with your decisions:

  • Use floors with high percentages of post-consumer recycled content. Manufacturers like Regupol divert old tires from landfills and give them new life as weight room floors.
  • LEED criteria, published by USGBC, provide a framework for complex environmental effects. LEED assists decisions about carbon footprint, resource conservation, or other issues.
  • Consider indoor air quality. Some floors and adhesives contain VOCs which can be harmful to people. Look for certifications like FloorScore®Greenguard, or asthma and allergy friendly®.
  • Remember that you have help. Decisions about the environmental impact of flooring are complicated. Abacus Sports can offer insight and information. Consider scheduling an AIA Continuing Education Course.