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Padenpor: Gymnasium Flooring System that is Multi-Functional, Durable, and Affordable

Athletic Directors and Facility Managers face a daunting challenge in selecting a surface for their gymnasium and multi-purpose facility that will meet all of the following needs:

  • Be truly multi-purpose so that your facility can be used for all kinds of sports and activities
  • Be durable enough to maintain a high level of performance for many, many years
  • Reduce the likelihood of injuries and joint pain to your athletes
  • Keep installation costs and subsequent maintenance costs well within your budget
  • Enjoy many years of use without having to plan for replacement of the surface for many years

Abacus Sports offers an indoor sports surface, Padenpor Sports Flooring, that checks all of these boxes—giving you less to worry about in renovating or building your athletic facility.

Padenpor is an innovative gymnasium flooring material that combines cushioned rubber with durable polyurethane top coatings. These coatings render a perfectly seamless system. This product has been developed over the last 30 years and has proven itself around the world.

Padenpor is built to last—the polyurethane top coatings protect the cushioned rubber underneath. The urethane can also be resurfaced at a fraction of the cost of a full floor replacement.

Play and practice multiple sports on one floor

Abacus will work with you to produce a gym floor with multiple painted game lines that allow your basketball and volleyball teams to practice and play on the same surface, saving you money and space. You can also add lines for other sports like pickleball, badminton, indoor soccer—or anything else you can think of. Abacus will work with you to paint the surface exactly the way you want.

Save Money on Potential Replacement Costs

With a Padenpor surface with Abacus, you’re choosing to not worry about replacing your floor for the next 20-30 years. Our flooring materials are durable and can be resurfaced at a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

Prevent Injuries, Stop Joint Pain

The cushioned rubber pad creates shock absorption to prevent injuries and stop joint pain. The urethane wear layer creates a tough, durable surface that’s also very forgiving for the athlete—great for running, and pivoting.

Complete Customization

Due to its seamless surface, Padenpor essentially acts as a blank canvas for floor design. There are limitless color options and combinations for your floor, game lines, and logos. Logos are stenciled directly onto the floor – which creates both a longer-lasting design and a more beautiful floor overall. We’ll guide you through every step of the design process—whether you want separate colors for the court & border or if you need many sets of game lines for multiple sports.

Go to for more information on the Padenpor Sports Flooring, and to receive a quote for your facility. Or call 717-560-8050.

The service provided by Abacus, and the consistency they’ve shown in getting out to meet any needs that we have, has been second to none.

Kevin Breslin, Head Coach – Boys’ Basketball, Saint James School