Staying in the Loop with Continuing Education

As a designer of athletic spaces, you set the stage for a key part of American culture: sports. Did you know that your specifications can influence the development of student athletes, encourage the physical fitness of a community, and insure the fairness of professional competition. If you are starting to feel the monumental pressure of designing good sports facilities, don’t worry. You are not alone.

Abacus Sports understands the significance of athletic facility design just like you do. With rapid developments in everything from wall padding to basketball goals, it can be hard to keep up with all the changes. That’s why it pays to have an expert partner in each industry to relay the salient details of new technology without information overload.

Abacus Sports is an AIA Continuing Education Provider that is grounded in the history of sports flooring, but we always have an eye on the future. That combination of experience and forward focus lets our AIA course presenters communicate industry developments with valuable context that other providers might miss.

If you are committed to designing quality athletic facilities, schedule an AIA Continuing Education course with Abacus Sports. Schedule a presentation on a variety of sports flooring topics. Continuing education is about more than just credits. It’s about getting the information you need to make the best sports flooring decisions you can.