Well-Rounded Floors For School Gyms

As the 2023-24 school year kicks off around the country, think about your idea of the ideal education. Should students become specialists who excel in one discipline at the expense of others? Or, should they be generalists, with broad knowledge and capabilities? The answer depends on the circumstances and the student.

So what does this debate about educational philosophy have to do with flooring? Well, sports floors can be either a specialist or a generalist, and like education goals, the right floor depends on the circumstances. For instance, maple hardwoods are great for competitive basketball, but you should think twice about hosting a science fair on the court.

Most school gyms are multipurpose spaces that need flexibility and resilience on the floor. In those areas, a floor like Padenpor polyurethane or Tarkett’s Omnisports can show off their broad skill sets. Padenpor and Omnisports, fall squarely in the generalist category of sports surfaces. In school gyms, a day might start with a student breakfast, followed by a PE class and a basketball practice in the middle, and end the day with a PTA meeting. Padenpor or Omnisports can cover all those activities without much special care or preparation. That makes them essential for environments like school gyms.

A good way to simplify flooring decisions is to ask yourself, “do I need a specialist or a generalist?” If the answer is the latter (and in most schools it usually is) consider a Padenpor or Omnisports floor from Abacus Sports.