Summer is Floor Maintenance Season

The countdown is over. School’s finally out for the summer! Everywhere students (and teachers, too) are enjoying a well deserved rest from academics. Summer break is a chance to travel, play sports, and visit family. The unwritten rule of Summer is this: do not go back to the school building until it is required.

Students might imagine their school is a vacant in the Summer— a quiet place where nothing much happens until they return in the Fall. But, facility staff know the truth. In fact, while students were counting the days until break, facility managers were counting the days until they can get things done.

Some tasks just can’t be accomplished when school is in session. So when the last student walks out the door, maintenance workers waste no time to start deep cleaning. Can you guess which surface needs the most attention?

Floors, especially gym floors, come in contact with nearly every person in the school. Floors sustain a daily dose of abrasion, impact, dirt and scuff marks, for 180 days. Until school is over, maintenance staff fight a loosing battle using brooms and mops. It’s essential work, but restoring floors completely has to wait until daily traffic stops.

Do you have a summer maintenance game plan? If you’re wondering where to start or need professional cleaning equipment, don’t wait until September. The Abacus Sports website has detailed maintenance instructions for PadenporRegupolRobbins hardwoods, and Tarkett’s Omnisports. And if you need supplies, check out Abacus Surfaces for auto-scrubbers, disinfectants, and more.