Why You Should Never Overlook Locker Room Design

In a “win or go home” situation, a coach might tell the team, “Leave everything on the court!” In other words, give 100%, so you won’t regret the outcome. Exhaust all your effort. It’s not easy for an athlete to answer that call. Although it may seem counterintuitive, “leaving everything on the court” has a lot to do with the support available off the court.

When a coach makes that plea for extra effort, athletes need to know that the staff, the school, and even the facility have their back. With a good support system, they can be more comfortable pushing their competitive limits. Facility design is a big part of that support system, especially locker rooms.

To give their best performances, players need a comfortable place to relax before the game and recover after the game. Here are some key features that athletes from students to professionals appreciate most:

Secure Lockers and Storage: Make sure that the lockers you choose are secure enough to store valuables like cellphones, wallets, and other items. Electronic locks are a nice feature.

Integrated Technology: Incorporate charging stations for devices like headphones, tablets, and cellphones. Utilize screens for displaying schedules and announcements.

Privacy: Use partitions where it is possible to give players maximum privacy when preparing for a game.

Team Spirit: Make the team logo and branding visible everywhere to create a sense of team cohesiveness.

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