Up and Running with Regupol Track Surfaces

From starting block to finish line, Regupol track surfaces are preferred by top athletes around the globe, including Usain Bolt. But let’s say you have already decided to use Regupol on your new track. After all, who can argue with one of the fastest humans on the planet? Now, all you have to do is decided which one of three Regupol surfaces is right for you and your budget. Here are the main features of each system to make your decision even easier:

Regupol AG: This premium surface is IAAF approved for international competition. It has 43% shock absorption and a homogeneous granulated polyurethane top.

Regupol PD: This high performance track is also IAAF approved, with a spray coated top of EPDM granules. It has 36% shock absorption.

Regupol SB: This entry level surface is economical and perfect for recreation and training. It has 32% shock absorption. Regupol SB can be upgraded to AG or PD at any time after installation.

Abacus Sports is a proud installer of Regupol track surfaces. Contact us for expert help with your project.