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Floor maintenance is a huge factor when selecting your next sports floor. Having proper floor maintenance can be very tedious and expensive with some sports surfaces. Our synthetic products have very simple and easy floor maintenance that is inexpensive to facilitate. This ease of floor maintenance is what makes this surface such a feasible option when selecting your next sport floor.  The Sports Surfacing Industry relies on a number of global performance standards for quantifying sports floor performance. Standards include those of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), German Institute for Standardization (DIN), European Standard (EN), and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). While the EN standard has become the accepted norm for synthetic sports flooring systems, the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association saw the need to introduce the Performance and Uniformity Rating (PUR) Standard to better address the evaluation of area elastic (wooden) sports floors.

Robbins partner company, Egis Floorlife, offers a warranty program that extends the life of the sports floor up to 40 years. Egis programs are custom solutions for both wood and synthetic (seamless polyurethane) flooring systems that assist with floor maintenance. Egis rejuvenates the sports floor, brightens game lines, and removes stains and scuff marks thus retaining the floors original crisp appearance. With Egis, customers will receive professional cleaning materials, floor maintenance training, and instructions on how to protect their investment, saving them time and money. An exclusive network of Robbins dealers are certified installers, finishers, and inspectors, ensuring customers receive only the best service, from the most qualified floor maintenance professionals in the business.

Aside from the easy floor maintenance, Abacus and Robbins are also concerned with maintaining the environment as well. As a longtime member of the USGBC, Robbins and Abacus support the construction of schools and athletic facilities to the LEED standard. Robbins offers products that when properly specified, contribute to the following multiple credits: MR4, MR5, MR6, MR7, IEQ4.   

Additional floor maintenance description can be found here.

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