The Potential of Pickleball

Imagine you are in charge of a recreation department. For some readers, that may not require much imagination. What would your goals be? Most people would include the following:

  1. Facilities that are not empty or idle.
  2. Community engagement from all ages, skills, and interests.
  3. Activities that promote health, relationships, and friendly competition.

When you acknowledge these common goals, it becomes clear why pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the US. Pickleball naturally fits all the objectives of recreation facilities. It’s competitive, physically challenging, and appealing to all ages. It will keep your gym busy too, with games, tournaments, and practice.

If your facility doesn’t include pickleball courts, it’s not too late to consider it. Abacus Sports can help. Our Padenpor is just the right indoor surface for pickleball, not to mention other sports and activities. Outdoor asphalt or concrete pickleball courts can be unforgiving, Padenpor provides comfort and proper surface friction for players. That means relatively fewer injuries like shin splints (medial tibial stress syndrome) and more fun on the court.

Pickleball on Padenpor

The addition of Padenpor pickleball courts can supercharge your recreation program without losing multipurpose space for other sports. It is an opportunity to bring your community together around an activity that appeals to all ages. Contact Abacus Sports at 717-560-8050 for an expert consultation or visit our website to learn more about pickleball surfaces.