Athletic Lockers – Installation & Design

Designed and built as the industry-leading value-based locker, the IMPACT athletic lockers are the health and fitness industry standard. Manufactured in Texas with three characteristics in mind: Durability, price-point, and premium color options.

Premium Athletic Lockers

We’re able to install your new floor, and now your new lockers. We carry three different sports locker types to fit your unique situation. Whether you need extreme moisture resistence or just a reliable and durable option for your fitness center locker room, Abacus has your back. 

Along with fitness centers, we have custom team lockers and locker room lockers available for any sports team. If you want your school’s colors or logo on your lockers, we will work with you on your budget and make your vision a reality. 

Our lockers come with different lock types, soft-close hinges, and many different sizes and shapes to fit your facility and needs.

Why go anywhere else for your lockers? Abacus can outfit your whole area.

Standard IMPACT

Ideal for fitness, staff, or express lockers. Frameless design to maximize space, concealed hinges, and ventilation throughout.


Moisture-resistant wood core with ventilation throughout. Designed for wet or humid areas.


Waterproof PVC core with ventilation throughout. Designed for very wet applications, such as pool areas.

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Locker Colors

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Interior Colors

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