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Running Tracks

T5_Mona_05Abacus’s greatest milestone is completing the track for Usain Bolt and the Jamaican Team. It allowed the Olympic team to stay injury free and dominate the Olympic Games. Regupol Tracks are designed to reduce the potential for stress and injury to bones, joints, ligaments and tendons. World champion Usain Bolt trains on Regupol Tracks because he states they are the best! Whether you’re a world champion or one who aspires to be, there’s nothing like running on a Regupol track.

We are installers of IAAF running tracks. We install running tracks for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our tracks were installed in training facilities for the 1996 Olympics. We apply two types of coatings for the track surface: “PD” which is a structural spray and “AG” which is a flood and chip type system. Either surface provides a durable, spike resistant, resilient surface that lends the athlete an unsurpassed platform of consistent performance and safety. We can also install a Black Track, which has no coating. We will work with you to determine which system best meets your needs.

The AG Surface: This surface is for outdoor use, a special polyurethane blend of exceptional durability to the basemat. Selected EPDM rubber granules (1-4mm.) are then broadcast into this coating to provide a seamless surface of exceptional uniformity.

The PD Surface: The PD system is a structural spray-coat in which much finer EPDM granules are premixed, and encapsulated in a special polyurethane compound and applied to the base-mat to provide a uniform, seamless surface.

The Black Track Surface: The Black track system is a preliminary system and can be developed later into one of the other system. This entry-level base system is the most economical for institutional projects. It is fully upgradable.

Floating Tracks: Designed with the customer in mind we have built and relocated tracks. Our installation for the New Balance Commercial on Pier 54 in New York is one of our favorites. We created the track in another location, built ramps and a structural base and delivered the track in the middle of the night.

Running Tracks Surfacing.

  • “PD”: structural spray
  • “AG”: flood and chip type system.
  • Black Track: no coating
  • Durable – spike resistant – resilient surface performance – fast
  • IAAF running tracks
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Training facilities for the Olympics


  • Maximum Comfort Underfoot
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Anti-Slip Properties
  • Vertical Elasticity


  • Follows Standards set for International Competition
  • IAAF-Approved
  • Recommended for All Track Systems


  • 100% Post-Consumer Tire and Post-Industrial EPDM Rubber


  • GreenCircle Certified
  • Can contribute to LEED Points

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