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Indoor Running Track Surfacing

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Regupol America Track System

Running Tracks

Donegal Athletic Track Surfacing

Outdoor Running Tracks

Regupol® Outdoor Running Track Surfacing

Regupol America’s® Athletic Track Surfacing is a German Engineered system that has become the standard in international competition.  The system has a basemat supplied in rolls that is permanently adhered to the subbase.  This prefabricated system ensures precise, factory-controlled thickness.

The Polyurethane wear surface is impermeable, seamless, and UV stable.  This allows the whole system uniform physical properties and thickness.  Regupol’s® Athletic Track product lines offer excellent shock absorption, slip-resistance, and elasticity.  Along with a 5-year warranty, these tracks have a top surface that can be easily resurfaced to achieve a low life cycle cost of the system.

LMHS Athletic Track Surfacing

System Standards

  • Basemat supplied in rolls; permanently adhered to subbbase
  • prefabricated system ensures precise, factory-controlled thickness.
  • Polyurethane wear surface is impermeable, seamless and UV stable
  • Uniform physical properties and thickness
  • excellent shock absorption, slip-resistance, and elasticity
  • Top surface can be easily resurfaced to achieve low life cycle cost
  • 5-year warranty
Regupol AG Track Surfacing

Regupol® AG Track Surfacing

  • Traditional system for international competitions
  • Homogeneous broadcast granulated polyurethane topping
  • 43% shock absorption
  • IAAF approved
Regupol PD Athletic Track Surfacing

Regupol® PD Track Surfacing

  • Durable structural spray coated topping with EPDM granules
  • 36% shock absoption
  • IAAF approved
Regupol SB Outdoor Track Surfacing

Regupol® SB Track Surfacing

  • Entry level base system for all Regupol track surfaces
  • Most economical system for institutional projects, recreational and field training facilities
  • Can upgrade (top coat) to AG and PD tracks years after installations
  • 32% shock absorption

Indoor Running Tracks

Regupol® Indoor Running Track Surfacing

Regupol® America and Abacus Sports Installations are here to provide your facility with the right athletic surfacing to meet the needs of your facility.  Our product line has the right surface for indoor tracks, mezzanine tracks, court boarder tracks, and other applications.

“Kombi” comes from the German word for “combination.”  Developed for multipurpose game courts and sports training applications, Kombi has a cushioned base layer combined with a tough wear layer of highly compressed EPDM rubber.  Our proprietary formulation and production process yield precise density and thickness consistencies that stand alone in sports surfacing

Kombi Indoor Athletic Track Surfacing
Lock Haven Kombi Indoor Track

Kombi Track Surfacing

  • Consistent density, thickness, and resilience
  • Offered in 8mm thickness, custom thicknesses are available upon request.
  • Weather resistant, UV stable, and even spike resistant
  • 21% Force Reduction
Indoor Track Surfacing


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Athletic Track Surfacing Usain Bolt

Featured Project - Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies

Location: Kingston, Jamacia

Project: AG Olympic Running Track

If it were up to him, the fastest man in the world would always chase world records on Regupol Tracks. Usain Bolt offered his endorsement of Regupol America after shattering two world records – the 100-meter and 200-meter sprints – on Regupol tracks. The 2009 World Athletics Championships served as the backdrop for this historic win, achieved on Regupol® AG in “Berlin Blue.” For this track performance, Usain Bolt recently received an ESPN Espy Award for Best Track and Field Athlete.  

In April 2010, a new 400-meter, Regupol AG Olympic running track surface was installed at the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies, Bolt’s training facility in Kingston, Jamaica. The IAAF-approved track will also be the home training camp for the Jamaican Racer’s Club, coached by the legendary Glenn Mills.

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