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Fitness Flooring

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Weight Rooms

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Resilient Rubber Flooring

Fitness Flooring by Abacus Sports Installations

Aerobic Flooring

spinning room

PULASTIC CLASSIC 110 spinning room Penn State Intramural Building

PADENPOR™ 14 + 3 DIN floor is perfect for the athlete performing high-impact aerobic exercises. It’s the nature of the exercise to be repetitive, and the floor helps the biomechanics of your body. It gives the best amount of force reduction, allowing the athlete optimum comfort levels and lower injuries. Energy restitution is helpful to the athlete to continue to work out, allowing maximum benefit from increased stamina.

VMI Weightlifting Room

VMI Weightlifting Room

REGUPOL® AKTIV™, REGUPOL® AKTIVLOK™ & REGUPOL® Kombi™ flooring systems have been synonymous with performance since their invention. It began in the lab with years of polymer recycling research that enabled them to innovate a material with superior density and resilience. Processed from recycled tires, these flooring systems have blanketed thousands of miles of fitness facility floors worldwide.

Speckled Rubber Aktiv Roll – A homogeneous single-ply rubber flooring in roll form, specifically designed for and tailored to the needs of exercise and strength training areas of health and fitness. It is well known for its performance, durability, comfort, slip-resistance and safety.

Speckled Rubber Roll is available in 21 standard colors, and solid black. You also have the option of formulating custom colors for Speckled Rubber Roll, or choose from the broad color range of Speckled Rubber Roll. Read More >

rubber tiles

rubber tiles


Speckled Rubber Aktivlok Puzzle Tile – This is the tile alternative to Speckled Rubber Roll, with the same unique features. This product provides health/fitness club owners, architects and designers with flexibility to create patterns, borders, and interesting walkways. Speckled Rubber Tiles are often used as accent tiles within an Speckled Rubber installation. Tiles are available in 21 color options, including 9 standard core colors and 12 additional colors for centers. Read More >


Depending on the product installation can be an area “rug” or wall to wall.  The products and the manufacturer are Green Circle Certified and U.S. Green Building Council Members.  100% post-consumer tire rubber and post-industrial EPDM rubber are used per product specification.  The strictest environmental standards are adhered to.

Rubber Tiles

AktivPro Rubber Tiles


Aktiv Pro Impact Tile – The Impact tile is nearly indestructible, perfect for the toughest heavy-duty areas. These tiles provide additional protection against possible indentations or damage caused by abusive dropping of dumbbells. Impact Tiles are slip-resistant, and they can either be loose-laid or adhered to the surface. Impact Tiles are available in several thicknesses and colors. Read More >


Logos can be water-cut into all types of rubber flooring and are a great accent to your room’s design. There is a minimum order for all flooring of 500 sq. ft.

Indoor Running Track

Regupol Kombi Indoor Running Track


Kombi – The Kombi flooring comes from the German for “combination.”  Developed for multipurpose game courts and sports training applications, Kombi has cushioning base layer combined with a tough wear layer of highly compressed EPDM rubber.  This rolled flooring comes in 3 colors giving color to the spike resistant, weather resistant, UV stable and great for constant use. Read More >



For more product information and to order materials only go to Abacus Surfaces, Inc.

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Fitness Flooring.

Below are some examples of the various applications available for our rubber flooring product:

  • Weight Rooms
  • Athletic Locker Rooms
  • Aerobic Rooms
  • Fitness Centers
  • Store Fronts
  • Office Buildings
  • Childcare Centers
  • Gymnasiums
  • Ice Arenas
  • Ski Lodges

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