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Synthetic Sports Floors

Synthetic sports floors are quickly becoming the leading flooring option when resurfacing and designing recreational facilities. Synthetic sports floors have many viable applications and can be used in a large variety of settings and conditions. There are many different varieties of synthetic sports floors to suit whatever sport flooring need you may have. With some of the industry’s highest ratings in force reduction, resiliency, ball rebound, and traction, these flooring systems are perfect for your next fitness facility. 

Abacus – PA Robbins Dealer

Recognized as the leader for synthetic sports floors, Robbins provides safe, comfortable, high performance surfaces for the athletic elite. 19 out of 30 NBA teams and more than half of NCAA Division I schools compete on Robbins maple or synthetic sport floors. However, the vast majority of maple and synthetic sport floors installed by the Robbins dealer network are found in high schools, middle schools and elementary schools. Secondary Schools and their demand for athletic and physical education space require the attention to detail only Abacus can provide. Safe surfaces not only help today’s young athletes play their best, but safeguard against injuries caused by the effect of impact force or slippery floors.

Robbins synthetic sports floors have revolutionized the way young athletes play on the gym floor. Robbins develops floors in partnership with coaches, athletes, sports medicine experts and engineers, to provide surfaces designed for greater safety, comfort and uniform ball response. Robbins and its network of Authorized Dealers (Abacus) have installed more collegiate arenas and gymnasiums than any other. Robbins synthetic sport floor systems are especially designed for today’s college athlete—both male and female—with safety, performance and user comfort built in. Best of all, Robbins offers the architect and facility manager a full range of options when choosing the best surface. Whether it’s gleaming Northern Hard Maple—the preferred surface for basketball and volleyball—or the practical application of a synthetic sport floor surface for the indoor field house, Robbins has you covered.

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