Pulastic® by Robbins

Abacus is proud to install Pulastic® by Robbins Sports Surfaces. With superior shock absorption and seamless uniformity, these synethetic sports floors offer comfort and safety for all activities.

Synthetic Sports Flooring

Robbins’ Pulastic® is a top-of-the-line pad and pour gym flooring system. It’s manufactured to meet strict quality standards and is a favorite sports floor among many gyms, schools, and fitness centers in North America.

Robbins offers this floor in several different thicknesses and functions. Some of what we have to offer is below, but you can contact us to learn more about our options and which one might be best for you.

Abacus offers Pulastic® exclusively in Pennsylvania.

Pulastic® Gym Floors

Pulastic® Classic 110

A long lifespan and low-cost maintenance makes this floor very economical. Its design allows it to be multi-functional and dynamic for any floor.

Pulastic® Classic 90

A hygenic, smooth surface. Provides any space with resiliency and comfort, and comes with a variety of colors from customers to choose from.

Pulastic® Classic 60

A very cost-effective and multi-use floor. Easy to clean, maintain, and resurface, its seamless properties make it suitable for any activity.

Pulastic® Pro 165

A thick floor built to withstand heavy loads and extensive athletic activity. It has superior shock absorption and is very long-lasting.

Pulastic® Comfort Court 50

Outstanding physical properties to protect against severe moisture and climate. Water based color finish that protects against UV rays and rapid discoloration.

Pulastic® Academy

Soft, semi-gloss floor for added visual appearance and shininess. Reduces visibility of scratches and marks and is easy to maintain.

Pulastic® Gallery

Pulastic® Colors

Standard Pulastic® Color Options
Specialty Pulastic® Color Options
Pulastic® Line-marking Color Options

*Colors may not look exactly the same on the floor as on this website.

*Specialty colors are available to be custom-ordered, but may cost more.

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