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Strength and Performance Weight Room Flooring
Regupol America Weight Room flooring
Lock Haven Aktiv Roll Weight Room Surfacing

Regupol® Aktiv

Regupol® Aktiv rubber gym flooring is designed with dense, resilient recycled rubber.  The surface for Aktiv allows for:

  • Maximum comfort underfoot & absorbs the shock of training impact.
  • Tough surfaces are available to be customized to fit the needs of your project or facility.
  • Regupol® Aktiv is made with 100% post-consumer tire & post-industrial EPDM rubber.
VMI Weightlifting Room Aktiv PRO roll

Regupol® Aktiv-PRO Roll

Top athletes are pushing their training to the limits to gain the edge needed to be the best. Regupol AktivPro Roll rubber gym flooring is a:

  • 1″ thick inlaid floor – providing the durability to withstand the impact of Olympic weight lifting, yet provide stable footing and shock absorption for the athlete.
  •  AktivPro Roll floors are virtually seamless, allowing the athlete’s training to flow from movement-to-movement..
  • The Regupol AktivPro Roll High Performance Sports and Fitness surface is GreenCircle Certified, and can help qualify your facility for LEED credits.
  • Regupol AktivPro has a ten year warranty.
  • Comes in 24″ x 24″ AktivPRO tiles and 48″ wide AktivPRO Roll
Villanova Inlaid Platforms Aktiv Weight Room Flooring

Inlaid Platforms

Sinking the platforms into the rubber flooring allows a firm-yet-resilient surface that’s easy on the joints while handling the impact of heavy weights. Inlaid platforms create:

  • Smooth transitions, allowing fewer injuries.
  • Resiliency absorbs the shock of training impact, reducing the potential for stress and injury to athletes’ bones, joints, ligaments and tendons.
  • Leveling the resilient platforms with the floor opens up the space for coaches and trainers to more effectively train their athletes.  Without protruding platforms obstructing the flow of the weight room, coaches are now free to utilize more diverse training programs.
Interlocking tile

Regupol® Aktiv-LOK

Regupol® AktivLok interlocking rubber floor tiles fit into every space in the facility. The toughness, resiliency and shock absorption of AktivLok provide facilities with durability to last with the easy installation.

  • AktivLok is made of 100% post-consumer tire rubber & post-industrial EPDM rubber.
  • Using Regupol® AktivLok can help qualify your facility for LEED credits and is GreenCircle Certified. AktivLok is available with custom measurements, color & marketing. Regupol® AktivLok has a five year warranty.
Temple University Regupol Aktiv Pro Tiles Weight Room Surfacing

Regupol® Aktiv-PRO tiles

Regupol® AktivPro reinvents any fitness surfaces through the specialized shock absorption athletes need.

  • Regupol® AktivPro consists of 100% recycled SBR rubber backing & topped with recycled SBR/EPDM wear layer.
  • AktivPro has the ability to customize measurements, color and marketing.
  • The Regupol® AktivPro high-performance Sports and Fitness tile surface is GreenCircle Certified, and can help qualify your facility for LEED credits.
  • Regupol® AktivPro has a ten year warranty.
The Arena Club Weight Room Surfacing

Featured Project - The Arena Club

Location: Bel Air, Maryland

Project: 3,015 square feet of Regupol America AktivPRO Roll with 15 Inlaid Platfroms

The Arena Club in Bel Air, Maryland is a top notch Family Fitness Center.  The center provides an impressive number of weekly group fitness classes, an indoor turf field, a salt water therapy pool, a large weight training area, and unparalleled personal training services.

Abacus Sports Installations installed 3,015 square feet of Regupol America AktivPRO Roll and 15 inlaid platforms.

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