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3 Reasons Your Flooring is Just as Important as Your Equipment

3 Reasons Your Fitness Flooring is Important CrossFit athletes and Weightlifters are some of the most dedicated and intense athletes in the world. They require top of the line equipment to stand up to the rigors of their explosive training. Fitness facilities should want the best their members to achieve their goals and this involves

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The 6 Benefits of Padenpor ™

6 Benefits of Padenpor PADENPOR delivers exceptional durability and superior wear resistance for indoor applications. Unlike  single ply surfaces, this system guarantees uniformity in thickness and density giving the athlete a quality stable platform for safe and consistent performance. The base-mat (pad) durometer can be customized to your needs to meet specified performance attributed to the site

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Competitive Advantage

Importance of Competitive Advantage in Today’s World In 1985, Sylvester Stallone inspired audiences with his 4th installment of the Rocky series, which pitted Rocky Balboa against the Russian brute Ivan Drago in a classic underdog story. As usual, Rocky is victorious in the end of the movie, but not after an intense and antiquated training

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