Gymnasium Flooring

Resilient floors for large multi-sport gyms. Abacus’ gymnasium flooring helps athletes perform at their best and protects them from injury.

Gymnasium Flooring Options

Pad and Pour

An cushioned sports floor, pad and pour urethane and rubber create a safe and performance-enhancing environment for athletes. Our #1 pad and pour option is Padenpor™. We also offer Pulastic® by Robbins Sports Surfaces in Pennsylvania.

Sports Vinyl

An up-and-comer in the sports flooring world, vinyl is a great option because it has the look of a wood floor, but at a lower cost.


The classic gym floor, hardwood has been around since the early days of basketball and volleyball. Abacus installs hardwood exclusively in Pennsylvania.

Indoor Track

Whether a track is on a mezzanine or around the court, recycled rubber is an excellent option for any indoor track.

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Here at Abacus, we want you to have options.

In order to deliver the most reliable sports floors in the world to our customers, Abacus has tirelessly worked at perfecting our main brand, Padenpor™. Padenpor is an innovative seamless system that protects athletes from injury during play. Its cushioned properties allow it to absorb much of the impact of running and falling, which eases impact on joints and bones.

Vinyl sports flooring is a newer favorite of many facilites around the country. Our partner, Tarkett Sports, has developed Omnisports™, one of the best-performing vinyl sports options on the market. We work closely with Tarkett to ensure top-quality installations and beautiful vinyl finishes that mimic traditional hardwood.

Speaking of traditional hardwood, Abacus offers hardwood basketball courts in Pennsylvania. There are many different hardwood options to choose from depending on your needs. If you want to go with the classic bastketball floor; the one that started it all, hardwood is for you.

Many field houses and multi-sport facilities install indoor running tracks around the main gym floor. Abacus has installed indoor tracks on mezzanines, around basketball courts, and around weight rooms. Padenpor™, Regupol’s Kombi™, and Robbins’ Durathon® all make for an excellent indoor running track.

We constantly strive to deliver the best products for our customers. We’ll work until you’re 100% satisfied so that we can give you a court you can count on.

Gymnasium Flooring Projects

Amherst County Public Schools

  • Padenpor™
  • 21,762 sq. ft.
  • Amherst County, MD

George Washington Elementary

  • Robbins Pulastic®
  • 3,224 sq. ft.
  • Bethel Park, PA

Wyoming Area Catholic School

  • Robbins Pulastic®
  • 7,000 sq. ft.
  • Exeter, PA

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