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Boys and Girls Club Basketball Courts
Shane Victornino Basketball Court

PADENPOR,  (pad and pour is a sandwich system) is comprised of a recycled rubber base-mat (or pad) with polyurethane top coatings poured over it. These coatings render a perfectly seamless system. This pad and pour product has been developed over the last 30 years and has proven itself around the world.

University Weightroom
Lock Haven University Weightroom

Regupol Aktiv rubber flooring recycled rubber flooring for fitness and weight rooms.

Cleaning Aktiv Gym Floor
Aktiv Puzzle Tile

Aktivlok is sports and fitness rubber roll flooring available in interlocking tiles. AktivLok tiles interlock with a fit so precise, its seams are virtually invisible.

Inlaid platform
Inlaid platform Villanova

Inlaid platforms create smooth transitions, allowing fewer injuries from dropping weights or miss-stepping off the platform.

Indoor Track
Kombi spike resistant

Kombi has cushioning base layer combined with a tough wear layer of highly compressed EPDM rubber. This rolled flooring comes in 3 colors giving color to the spike resistant, weather resistant, UV stable and great for constant use.

Rubber Tiles
AktivPro Rubber Tiles

Aktiv Pro Impact Tile – The Impact tile is nearly indestructible, perfect for the toughest heavy-duty areas. These tiles provide additional protection against possible indentations or damage caused by abusive dropping of dumbbells.

Vinyl Flooring
Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring Omnisports 6.5 mm is Abacus most popular multi-use vinyl gym flooring. It offers class 2 shock absorption according to the ASTM F2772 standard and it can be installed with the 98% adhesive-free GreenLay™ system. Omnisports 6.5 mm is ideal flooring for basketball, volleyball, and many other sports, while at the same time accommodating non-sporting events with ease.

University Running Track
St Johns University Running Track

AG Running Track, IAAF,  designed for outdoor use, utilizes a special polyurethane blend of exceptional durability applied to the base-mat.

University Running Track
St Johns University Running Track

The PD system is a structural spray-coat in which much finer EPDM granules are premixed and encapsulated in a special polyurethane compound and applied to the base-mat to provide a uniform, seamless surface.

High School Track
Black High School Track

The Black Track system is a preliminary system that can be incorporated later into one of the other systems. This entry-level base system is the most economical for institutional projects. It is fully upgradable.

University Running Track
St Johns University Running Track

Floating tracks can be built in one place and then relocated as needed. Our installation for the New Balance Commercial on Pier 54 in New York is one of our favorites. We created the track in another location, built ramps and a structural base and delivered the track in the middle of the night.

Elephant Flooring
Elephant Flooring

PADENPOR DLX™ is a resilient, seamless textured floor covering. For over 25 years it has been widely used in a variety of animal care/equine applications from the best state of the art veterinary facilities to the small individual animal care giver. PADENPOR DLX is designed for any facility where bio-security, cleanability, comfort and safety are of importance.

Shadwell Thoroughbred Barn
Shadwell Thoroughbred Barn Flooring

PADENPOR DLX™ (Equine Flooring) is a resilient, seamless textured floor covering. For over 25 years it has been widely used in a variety of animal care/equine applications from the best state-of-the-art veterinary facilities to the small individual animal care giver.

Kennel Animal Flooring
Kennel Animal Flooring at Every Dog Has its Day Care

PADENPOR DLX™  is a rubberized, seamless, texturized floor and wall system. It is constructed using recycled rubber and self-leveling polyurethanes. The resilience of PADENPOR reduces stress and fatigue.

Rubber pavers

Rubber Pavers are highly recommended for any application in which slip resistance is essential and can be installed indoors or out. The integrity of the products are unaffected- by ice, water and extreme temperatures.

Lab Flooring
Lab Flooring

Comfort Floor (commercial flooring) optimizes a balance between comfort and toughness by combining softness under foot and durability. ComfortFloor is flexible enough to provide comfort in areas where personnel walk or stand for long periods of time but tough enough to stand up to high levels of pedestrian traffic, chair castors and wheeled loads.

Shooting Range
Rifle Range

Padenpor™ (seamless synthetic rubber flooring) is the perfect choice for your indoor rifle/shooting range floor. Padenpor flooring is 100% NRA approved and offers the best protection from rounds fired at any angle.

Ballistic tiles
Ballistic tiles on wall

Ballistic wall and ceiling elements are the perfect complement to a Padenpor™ floor in your indoor shooting range. Abacus offers a variety of products that are specially designed for firearm sports including: Elastic Rubber Tiles, Interlocking Pavers, Shooting Blocks, and Fragmentation Screens.

Rooftop Patio
Rooftop Garden

Roofing tiles: Create an attractive, slip-resistant, low-maintenance interlocking rubber tile surface for your rooftop decks, patios, plazas, walkways and more!

Playground tiles

Playground Tiles come with standard color options, many thicknesses, and indoor-outdoor capability, our playground tiles are the most versatile rubber flooring solution for today’s playgrounds.

From 4′ to 14′ drop height protection – the widest range in the industry!

Wood Gymnasium
Moravian Academy Wood Gym

Maple Sport Floors for your variety of sports surfacing needs. Abacus combines areas of Robbins maple hardwood and synthetic surfaces, Fusion can give your facility the flexibility to handle practically any game your athletes want to bring.  Your athletes will benefit from the perfect combination of surfaces possessing unmatched safety, comfort and performance.

Rooftop tennis and track
Long Island University rooftop tennis and track

Tennis Courts system is approved as a Grandslam court, and is used in many international venues such as the Australian Open. Our courts are installed with the highest quality materials, ensuring performance and durability beyond comparison. These courts are also easier on the athlete’s body, reducing physical stress.

Landscape Turf

Turf Surfacing available for an array of unique applications. Artificial grass is commonly used in pet areas, strength and performance facilities, weight rooms, and playgrounds. Turf offers a virtually maintenance free surface with an authentic natural grass appeal. These surfaces are easy to clean and will save you time and money down the road.

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